At Hanco, safety and concern for our employee’s well-being is as important as the work we perform. That’s why every job superintendent obtains certification in first aid and CPR. That’s why we employ a full-time safety director who has the same authority as the owners when it comes to safety decisions and risk management.

We equip and educate our crews to recognize unsafe conditions and use safe work practices. Through monthly company safety meetings as well as daily “tool box” talks at the job site, our employees are reminded daily of the importance of working safe. We hold each crew member accountable to do the small things that minimize accidents and protect workers from injury.

We have also established job site inspections with our risk assessment manager to insure that all job sites are secure and safe. This effort has proven invaluable. Besides having an EMR rating that surpasses the industry standards, our clients can be assured that safety is the priority in their project.