We at Hanco understand that building projects can seem like monumental tasks. We can simplify the process and insure that attention is given to even the smallest details. Hanco can be helpful in every step of the building process whether it’s budgeting, planning, developing design or construction.

When you call on Hanco for any service, you’ll talk with a person- not an answering machine. You will find people who listen patiently to your needs and work to provide the highest quality results. Our goal is to please our clients.


Pre-Construction Consultations are valuable tools that can save you significant dollars and time. You visit with us, and we listen; based upon what you tell us about needs, budget, timeframe and scope of the project, we are available to make recommendations concerning Design/Build construction or more traditional design approaches. We have “in house” design capabilities, as well as partnerships with many premier architectural firms throughout the South.

By making the Pre-Construction Consultation part of your planning, you can more thoroughly define the scope of your project, set limitations, evaluate options and determine costs before you ever spend a dime.




Budgeting is generally the single most important factor in every project. We understand that. By using our budgeting services, we can help provide accurate budget numbers that you can take to the bank. We can provide a cost analysis to help you determine the feasibility of your project. Accurate budgeting also allows you to determine areas where you may be able to shave costs, allowing even more possibilities for project enhancement.


Design/Build services are cost effective alternatives to traditional approaches. In the Design/Build model, just as with the Pre-Construction Consultation, you visit with us, and we listen to you, your needs and budget requirements. We consult with the design professionals for you and collaborate to keep things efficient and affordable. This allows you the owner to have as much input as you desire. You are able to make informed decisions insuring the end product is exactly what you expected. This also affords us an opportunity to “fast track” construction by moving forward aggressively, dealing with details as they become pertinent. By utilizing our Design/Build services, we’re able to provide you with value engineering and design in a team approach that saves you both time and money.



Construction Management; we represent you as your construction agent. We work with you through planning, design and construction. We handle contract administration with design professionals, contractors and subcontractors to ensure your best interests from start to finish. Three generations of construction experience affords us a keen awareness of the industry leaders in various trades. We know how to bring the right design professionals and skilled craftsmen into the process, ensuring quality work on time and on budget.